More than just a straw - Raw Straw

Raw Straw is here

Bali, the Indonesian paradise nestled in clear blue waters between the Indian and Pacific, is where the story of Raw Straw begins.
Hopping from white sand beaches to mangrove forests by the sea, we learnt a few things whilst exploring this part of the world, like its not a good idea to sit underneath a coconut tree and that above anything, we are the caretakers of this planet and its bountiful seas and oceans.
It's no secret the sea is full of our waste and the single use plastic straw is one of the main offenders. Raw Straw is our contribution to cleaning up this mess.
With our non-toxic, reusable, eco-friendly straws you can do your bit to reduce your plastic waste and save our seas.

Live like an islander and sip sustainably with Raw Straw.